About me


I’m Bajka and I don’t like to waste

I create accessories out of second-hand leather, leftovers from car upholstery and furniture factories, all with a circular economy in mind, which is something I aspire to as much as possible!

I do my best to make my brand planet neutral, thus:

  • all packages are sent without a gram of film, even the tape is made of recycled paper and has a biodegradable glue
  • the boxes and paper bags in which you receive SHOFs have no logo, so you can reuse them, for example when wrapping gifts,
  • the plastic tags were cut from plexiglass waste from advertising banners,
  • whatever needs to be done at SHOF, I order it locally to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible
  • I try to look for semi-finished products in Europe, e.g. cotton tape for belt-bags is produced in the Czech Republic
  • the paper I use in my company (e.g. for printing shipping labels) also comes from recycling
  • you’ll rarely find discounts at my shop, but we often collect psialars, which means that 10 zlotys from each order goes to doggies in need 
  • if a seam in your SHOF rips or the naps become faded, I’ll repair it at my own expense because I want my products to serve you for many years

I hope you find what you need at SHOF!